What I’m up to

I have recently arrived to Miami and stayed all of July teaching cooking at our Summer Camp for the Higher Ground outreach program. I realize this year I will complete ten years since we started the program with Pastor Dianna Rivera and Citichurch. So we’ll have to do some event to celebrate!

I was In Mendoza and Buenos Aires in Argentina and Ilheus in Bahia Brazil for the past two months. Shooting lots of material for my episodes on Youtube - please subscribe if you haven’t - and working on new projects I’m biting my tongue not to mention; but soon I will.

Right now I am in San Fransisco visiting my son but I’m actually on my way to China to shoot for a new show you’ll hear more about it soon.

I’ll be by the end of August back in Miami. Any booking requests do them by emailing info@chefalanhughes.com

If you haven’t purchased my new cookbook About Fish I’m not sure what you are waiting for.

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