What I’m up to

Im blessed and I’m happy! I’m very excited about my new project called Mendoza Culinary Getaway, in which we will be taking you on a 4 day-5 night Culinary tour in Mendoza. There you will be experiencing Mendoza’s terroir by tasting it’s wines, you will experience the food; from authentic asados to the new up and coming chefs from different bodegas and we will take you to breathtaking natural places. You can take a peak at one of them in my new post A Visit to Rancho E' Cuero in Mendoza. More on our Mendoza Culinary Getaway later.

Last week I had the pleasure to assist Chef Donald Link from Louisiana at the Naples Wine Festival. I love assisting other chefs because I never cease to learn and I find it a great exercise. Last year I assisted Dominique Crenn and the year before Enrique Olvera.

If you feel like taking a peak at how a Fish market in central Santiago de Chile looks like watch my last episode on Youtube:  Visita al Mercado Central de Santiago de Chile.

If you haven’t purchased my new cookbook About Fish I’m not sure what you are waiting for.

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