What I’m up to

I have embarked in a new show which I’m planning to release on January 2020, it’s called Culinary Antipodes. An antipode is the exact opposite place on earth, almost as if you were to pierce the earth with a needle passing through the center of the earth; the place that it’s introduced in and the place it comes out it’s called an antipode; e.g: North Pole and South Pole.

This show will feature the two cuisines, traditions, lifestyle and folklore of both antipodes in one episode, therefore I initiated my filming traveling to China, Chile and Argentina. The shooting has been very successful, the food outstanding and the amount of kilometers travelled by air and land incredible. Now I have started my editing process and soon I will be looking for funding, since I believe I have come up with a glorious idea.

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I will be in Miami by the beginning of October and will stay there until January so I will be available for any private chef gigs you might need. Some ideas: end of the year office parties, Holiday dinners, or just simply sit down dinner parties and more.

I am also on my 11th year of my outreach program Higher Ground in Allapattah teaching teenagers how to cook and make better choices in food.

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