Fourth of July Food Barbecue Kit

Fourth of July Food Barbecue Kit


A unique menu combination of raw items + prepared salads for you to simply setup, light up the grill and cook them yourself.

Turkey burgers + caramelized onions + lettuce and tomato setups + labneh spread + hamburger buns

Marinated Skirt steak + Chimichurri

Wolfgang Puck's Hot Dog Melts (hot dogs stuffed with cheese & wrapped in bacon on buns)

Classic potato salad with grilled onions

Triple Mac and cheese

Savoy cabbage coleslaw with horseradish

Strawberry & blueberry tart with puff pastry

Full menu at $  40.00 per person.   4 guests minimum order.

Count your guests attending and place your order. We'll deliver the same day.  All items come in disposables.  Individual items also available, email us!


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Full menu at $  40.00 per person - 4 guests minimum order - Limited orders available - Order Now!