Sea buckthorn berries and sauna in Finland

Before I was going to Finland I was already day-dreaming of their ingredients, I was fascinated by the various unheard-of types of berries. One of them stood up more than the other ones: Sea buckthorn berry.

Asado in Cordoba - Argentina

I drove with a bunch of my best friends from Buenos Aires to Cordoba’s Mountain range to spend a few days at my friend Matias Colombo’s property. It took us about eight hours to get there but I knew we were in for a treat. This story is about the lovely asado that awaited us upon our arrival.

Dinner at Shortmarket Club in Cape Town

If you are ever in Cape Town I suggest you visit Shortmarket Club in Shortmarket street. I went recently with my brother and a friend.

First and foremost make sure you bring a loaded gun when you come to the restaurant for dinner; not that the neighborhood is unsafe, Shortmarket street is actually quite popular and festive especially on a Thursday night. - I’ll explain later-

A Day Trip to Lake Bacalar - Mexico

A Day Trip to Lake Bacalar - Mexico

I took a day trip to Bacalar, roughly about 250 kilometers away from Playa del Carmen, Peninsula de Yucatan; Mexico and almost at the border of Belize. We left at around 7.00 am with my friends Stefano and Marisa, an Italian couple living in Switzerland. We drove in a small car through lush rainforest on a muggy hot day. 

A pit stop in La Pampa - Argentina


We drove for many hours through wheat fields in the blazing heat in the middle of La Pampa, barely seeing any cars or anyone. Suddenly we blew-up and shredded a tire of our Batan into pieces. We were so amazingly lucky that it happened right in front of an old, dilapidated gas station.