Two nights in Tanger- Morocco

My arrival to Morocco has been more than crazy, the amable hospitality and the restaurant and bar-hopping has been non-stop.   I am sharing some of the places I have been to so far. A mix of not-so-fashion-magazine Moroccan places - except one - but a true gauge of the pulse in Tangier. The first night we started with drinks at our friend Rashid's place, then we went to El Dorado for dinner.  You walk into the brightly light unpretentious dinning room with a refrigerated display case in the entrance with all your fish choices for the evening; the kind of busy place with high reputation for simple well executed food;  so it was. 

Fresh boquerones with loads of garlic, "patatas a lo pobre "  potatoes, green peppers and onions and fresh dorado for our main course; sauteed with just wedges of lemon, a true sign of how good fish can be served when it is incredibly fresh. The next evening we went to Casa Italia, a traditional place full of old-style waiters and a reputation for consistent simple well-executed food. We had a chef's salad, sort of a nicoise with boquerones and fried sepia and for main course we had sea bass brochettes, the most amazingly simple turned zucchini sauteed in butter and a great mayonnaise to accompany it all. Both meals dosed with local Moroccan reds. We finished our night with cocktails at the one and only El Morocco Club. Everyone to bed early for seven more days of Culinary adventure in Tangier.