Pop up in Bucco Restaurant Finland

Pop up in Bucco Restaurant Finland


Two years ago we did this Pop-up at my friend Jani Lehtinen’s restaurant Bucco in the city of Pori. It was my first time in Finland and certainly it wasn’t going to be my last one since now, I will be going back again this October to repeat our reloaded pop up experience.

Jani and I had met years back at The James Beard Foundation in NY, he was walking into the kitchen one midday to prep for his dinner, I was walking out of the kitchen after cancelling my dinner the night before due to a Hurricane that was about to hit Miami; that’s another story.

We talked, opened a bottle of Amarone and our friendship was sealed. Now many years after we are good friends and do lots of things together.

This year we will be doing things a bit different; the first night on October 19th we will be making an Argentinean asado in the terrace of his restaurant; the second night, on October 20th we will be doing a collaboration menu; expect to see lots of game meat since Jani is an avid hunter and of course lots of fish and berries; some of my weaknesses in Finland.

Then we will travel to Roveniami, in Lapland and on the  third night on October 22nd we and we will be doing another Argentinean asado in the Arctic Polar Circle.

Now, I thought I was going to be the first Argie doing an asado in the Polar Circle, but today I got a message from my friend Alejandro Grimani who claims he did an asado 30 years ago at the same place.

Whatever the case is, I am so excited about this trip, about giving our guests a taste of Argentinean asado, and certainly to work with Finland’s amazing bounty.

For those of you in Finland here I come !

Check all the info at Bucco’s website: http://www.bucco.fi/fi/etusivu.html