A Visit to Rancho E' Cuero in Mendoza

A Visit to Rancho E’ Cuero

RANCHO E’ CUERO lies up in the mountain of the Valle de Uco in the province of Mendoza. To get there you must drive about ninety minutes from the city to the foot of the Andes pre-cordillera, then the property owners will

send you a 4x4 to pick you up and take you crossing fields of barley and small streams up in the mountain to this property to die for.

Tucked in desolated area high in altitude covered with grasses and thin streams everywhere.  You can spend the day or stay overnight. This is where you’ll spend the last night on our Mendoza Culinary Getaway.

Right before arriving we were greeted by four or five Condores flying so close to us it was un-real.

As soon as we arrived and were greeted with breakfast, coffee, pastries and immediately off we went for a gentle horse back ride in the mountains.

It took us two hours to stroll through streams, open fields and rocky mountains. The horses were very nice and manageable and the experience of the silence and the endless views are truly mesmerizing

 We crossed old carcasses of deer killed by pumas, tricky rocky sections of mud and tall grasses, small peaks with outstanding views and I wondered about the many different herbs and botanicals in the area. Wishing for my forager powers to surface, I did identify quite an amount of herbs and plants. 

When we arrived back to the main house we had a table with wines and empanadas waiting for us while the fire was going of for our asado.

I love how each asador does their own asados because they all do it different. I’ve seen this way of doing asados many times; big fire, high heat, and a quick grilling of the meats especially because mostly wanted medium rare. Lomo, vacio, chorizos, morcillas and pechito de cerdo.

Plenty of beautiful reds and lovely conversations with the guests that were sharing the stay with us.

For dessert a quintessential panqueque de dulce de leche and after coffee, some of us laid in the sun while me and my buddy Diego, the Gaucho went up for another horseback ride.

The hospitality of this place is divine, the people, the amenities and the surroundings. Next time I will spend the night and experience the amazing skies it must have any time of the year.