Breakfast at Paseo del Coliseo in Cartagena

With so many Colombian cities Im curious about, my friend and I ended up in Cartagena a bit by chance and very spontaneously.  After four days of just cruising around, eating fine food and going to the beach we had one last night before heading back to Miami.

By chance I found out my friend Annelis had a hotel in the Casco Viejo, so we didn’t hesitate, made arrangements and spent our last night at Paseo del Coliseo.

 I am not going to write a boring review about it but just say that the place is aesthetically beautiful, conveniently located, very intimate and a very attentive customer service.

The morning we left - I found out later - Annelis had asked her chef to come earlier so we could try her amazing breakfast before we headed to the airport.

And so we did. We had a pristine tropical fruit salad, good cup of coffee and an Arepa con huevo to die for. 

It was perfectly made, almost like a poached egg with soft yolk encased inside the arepa, but it was cooked all together. I wish I can learn how to make it that way. 

It was just outstanding and memorable. So that’s it, a highly recommended place to stay for those of you going to Cartagena.