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Road Trip to Lapland Finland

We set off with my friend, chef and host Jani early on a Sunday by car to Lapland. We had 8 hours ahead of us, Seventy five percent of Finland is covered by forests, 188,000 lakes, no wonder they are so nature-driven and everyone hunts and consume the wide range of game meats and fish they have.

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Pop up in Bucco Restaurant Finland

Pop up in Restaurant Bucco Finland.

This year we will be doing things a bit different; the first night on October 19th we will be making an Argentinean asado in the terrace of his restaurant; the second night, on October 20th we will be doing a collaboration menu; expect to see lots of game meat since Jani is an avid hunter and of course lots of fish and berries; some of my weaknesses in Finland.

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